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5 Earth Day Habits You Can Stick to All Year Round

Earth Day is a yearly reminder that we can all do our part to take better care of the Earth. With so many eco-friendly life changes you can make, this task can seem overwhelming. Small changes can be simple enough to make and can become lasting habits that make a positive impact on global environmental issues. These little actions add up when everyone does them together.  

Here’s a list 5 small changes you can make today and stick to all year long for a bigger impact!


1. Bring your own bags

We all have tote bags hanging around, gathering dust, and taking up space. Let’s put them to better use. Bring your own bags to the grocery store and save on plastic and paper. If you do find yourself having to use a plastic bag, reuse as a trash can liner or on dog walks!


2. Cut out paper plates

We all love the ease of disposables, but they create so much waste. Dining and entertaining can still be easy with our eco-friendly Potter Dinnerware. Made of melamine and bamboo, these BPA-free dinner plates and bowls are shatterproof, durable and look just like ceramic and porcelain.  


3. Bring your own mug

Invest in a travel mug that you can bring to your favorite coffee shop and have them fill up. You’ll not only save on paper waste, but lots of shops will give you a little discount for doing your part to save the planet.


4. Go meatless once a week

Animal products place a lot of strain on the Earth. Livestock alone account for more than 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By cutting out meat at least once a week, you help cut down on those emissions. An entirely vegetarian diet could cut those emissions by 70%.


5. Shop thrifty

Buying from a thrift store not only saves you money, but it is extremely sustainable. Reusing items is always more eco-friendly than buying brand new ones. The reuse of items such as clothes, electronics, furniture, etc. decreases the amount of waste going to landfills and the number of new items that need to be created.

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