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Dinner Is Served: Melamine Tableware Trends For 2017

Although melamine was first synthesized in 1834, this material (which is comprised of 67% nitrogen — the more you know!) has really caught on nowadays. With so many families needing durable yet attractive options for dishes, it's easy to understand why melamine plates have become so popular. If you want some tips for buying tableware, below are some of our favorite options — and they're ones that customers seem to love, too.

Fun Florals

One of the great things about melamine plates is that they're perfectly suited for patterns. Floral designs appeal to all kinds of buyers because they can easily translate into virtually any style, from traditional shabby chic to contemporary and clean. It's also a great way to bring in vibrant colors into a neutral space or cheer up your table in the dead of winter. Plus, there are florals that are perfect for every season, so they don't have to sit in the cupboard unused until spring arrives. Quite literally, they can provide springy cheer all year long.

Beautiful Blues

You might be surprised to learn that blue is the most popular color for melamine dinnerware, as well as dishes made of other materials. Because melamine plates can be made to look just like china and ceramic, they're the perfect vessel for delicate designs in baby blue, cornflower, and indigo. They have a bit more character than plain white plates, to be sure, and are generally more welcoming and sophisticated than other color options. The blue trend definitely isn't going anywhere.

Mix And Match

Online and brick-and-mortar retailers alike have embraced customers' love of melamine. It's an incredibly easy and versatile option, making it ideal for mixing and matching. Last year, Pier 1 encouraged customers to create their own unique dinnerware collections by mixing and matching pieces from their 19 separate melamine ranges. It's no longer a low-quality option; it's totally suitable for everyday dining and even special occasions. Therefore, it's a much more cost-effective choice that can allow consumers to express their own creativity.

Wedding Wishes

Believe it or not, melamine plates have become an extremely common sight at weddings -- especially ones that take place outdoors. They're even included on many a wedding registry. Monogrammed plate options are often of particular appeal, but with so many styles and colors, it's easy to find a collection that will suit just about any couple. For guests who can't afford to spend a bundle, melamine tableware makes a great gift, as it offers class without breaking the bank.

Melamine may not be a new material, but it's certainly one that's taken off in recent years. Because so many advancements have been made, melamine is more durable and attractive than ever before. To find out for yourself why it's such a lasting trend, contact Q Squared today.

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