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A Sneak Peek: Q Squared New Fall Collections

The moment is almost here!

On November 1st, we are officially releasing four new collections online to add to the Q Squared family: Potter, Rustica, Moonbeam and Bistro.

The breadth of assortment showcases our high-quality luxury melamine look while introducing new dinnerware material to diversify Q Squared’s signature aesthetic.

Our latest intro, The Potter Collection, is our new eco-friendly collection made from “Melaboo” — a combination of bamboo and melamine, available in two colors: Stone and Terracotta. The result is a beautifully textured, earthy look resembling stoneware and clay pottery yet still virtually unbreakable.

A Sneak Peek: Q Squared New Fall Collections | Potter in Stone

The people have spoken! After hearing many requests for more rustic-inspired melamine dinnerware, we’re thrilled to introduce new The Rustica Collection. Available in Bone White and Yellow, Rustica captures the beauty of textured, antique ceramics in a more durable and shatterproof melamine material. Perfect for lunch on the patio or a cozy dinner party indoors, you’ll never fail to impress with this rustic chic melamine dinnerware set.

A Sneak Peek: Q Squared New Fall Collections | Rustica

The new Moonbeam Collection has our heart. Inspired by the Frank Sinatra song “Polka Dots and Moonbeams,” Moonbeam comes in Black and Gold, with the option to purchase in ‘Dots’ or a ‘Ring’ border. Add a glamorous touch to your next dinner party with our festive and fun Moonbeam Collection.

A Sneak Peek: Q Squared New Fall Collections | Moonbeam

We can’t forget about the Bistro Collection. A clean and simple, solid-border design, Bistro comes in three colors — yellow, red and blue — and is available in 3 pieces: melamine dinner plate, salad plate and cereal bowl. Make Bistro your primary dinnerware choice with a pop of color for every occasion.

A Sneak Peek: Q Squared New Fall Collections | Bistro

Our stunning Fall Collections will be available on November 1st, 2017, but be sure subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive pre-sales and product updates.

Stay tuned! #LiveElegantly

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Oct 18, 2017 • Posted by Jennifer Essad

lovely additions to your line, I like the bold, contemporary colors and the subtle shades in Rustica

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