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First-Time Homeowner Guide: 5 Things Every Couple Needs In The Kitchen

Congratulations on moving in to your first home with your significant other! This is an incredibly exciting time that's bound to be full of happy times and new challenges. Now that you've found a place to live that you both love, you'll have to start thinking of ways to make it your own and make sure your everyday needs are met. The kitchen, of course, is arguably the heart of any home and needs to be well-stocked with both food and ways to prepare and serve it. If you can't dismiss that nagging feeling that you may have forgotten about the kitchen essentials, take a look at the list below and double-check that you have these five must-haves when you move in.

Silverware and drawer organizer

Now that you're adults, you shouldn't be using plastic cutlery for your meals. Invest in a nice silverware set that works for your style and needs. If you plan on entertaining, purchase a larger set that will accommodate your guests. Even if meals will mostly be shared between the two of you, get enough forks, knives, and spoons that you don't constantly have to run the dishwasher. You should also get an organizer for your drawer instead of a collegiate silverware caddy; it won't take up valuable counter space or serve as an eyesore.

High quality dishes

You shouldn't be using paper plates anymore, either. It's time to get some nice dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls for both casual and formal use. Q Squared melamine dinner plates are a really nice option. Not only do they look just like ceramic, but they're also 100% dishwasher safe. Because they're so durable, you don't have to use them only for special occasions or take care to wash them by hand. In fact, melamine dishware sets are typically a great idea because they can be used in all sorts of situations and for virtually any meal. If you have the means to purchase only one set of dinner plates, salad plates, and cereal bowls, you should probably opt for melamine.

Pots and pans

Since you've just made a big investment in your new home, you'll probably have to cut back on ordering in. That provides the perfect opportunity to actually cook in your kitchen! To do that, you need some nice pots and pans. You don't have to go crazy here, especially if you have limited storage space. But at bare minimum, you'll need a saucepan, a skillet or two, and a larger pot to start. That will ensure you can make basic meals and will allow you to expand if you need it.

Knives and cutting boards

You can't expect to cook without having at least a few high-quality knives and a couple of cutting boards. You'll probably want a large, smooth chef's knife, one with a serrated blade, and a small paring knife. You should also have one cutting board specifically for meats and another for fruits and vegetables. While a lot of people swear by plastic cutting boards, experts have found that these can potentially harbor more bacteria than wooden versions.

Kitchen tools

Whether you want to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate your move or need to stir a pot of pasta, you need the tools to do it. It's easy to forget to pick up a corkscrew, a spatula, or measuring spoons, but you'll quickly realize how essential these items truly are right when you need them. Tongs, strainers, wooden spoons, and whisks are likely going to be necessary at some point, so you might as well get them when you purchase your dinner plates, silverware, and other items. Don't forget to check with your partner to make sure you aren't bringing duplicate items! Realistically, you don't need more than one can opener and you don't want to sacrifice on storage space.

Embarking on a new life together can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. But as long as you've got this list of must-haves, filling up your kitchen will be fun rather than nerve-racking. For all of your tableware and entertaining essentials, check out the selection Q Squared has to offer.


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