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Our Story

My daughter Alaina and I share a love of hosting big dinners with lots of delicious food and lots of family and friends. We always celebrated special occasions with a beautiful collection of fine china. It was marveled at, used very carefully, obsessively hand washed, and put away delicately.

When it came time for Alaina to stock her own kitchen, she realized that the fine china she loved using while growing up, was impractical for daily use. Couldn't we celebrate with beautiful designs every day? Combining this mission with my background in home decor and Alaina's background in design, we founded Q Squared in 2011.

Armed with the task of bringing a fine china feel to everyday dining, we turned to melamine, a durable, versatile material, to create beautiful and resilient pieces. Using only 100% high-quality melamine, we designed dinnerware and serveware that looked and felt like porcelain and ceramic, but were also durable and practical for everyday use.

We are so proud to say, that Q Squared is now considered "the pioneer of superior quality melamine” and has set the industry standard for safety, quality and design.

We are so excited for you to bring Q Squared into your home — from our table, to yours!

Nancy & Alaina